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Suspensão CANE CREEK Helm 27.5''


Breve descrição

Curso: 160mm (140-170mm ajustavel internamente)
Sistema de Suspensão: Ar

Bainhas 35mm Alumínio
Eixo Boost 15mm QR
Peso: 2058g

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The Cane Creek Helm fork is 7-way adjustable and optimized for 140-170mm of travel. Born in the mountains of Western North Carolina, Helm is designed to conquer aggressive trail, enduro racing, and anything in between. By isolating each dmaping and air spring adjustment, the Helm has the ability to be tuned for all types of terrain and riding styles and gives the rider ultimate control of their suspension set-up.

The factory setting of each 27.5" Helm fork is 160mm with 1 travel spacer installed. Cane Creek includes 2 additional travel spacers which will allow us to set the fork at your desired travel before shipping to you.