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Quadro DEVINCI Wilson 2015 Maximizar

Quadro DEVINCI Wilson 2015


Breve descrição

Tamanho da Roda: 27.5''

Curso Traseiro: 216mm
Material: Alumínio Optimum G04
Sistema Split Pivot
Tubo do Banco: 31,6mm
Caixa de Direcção: Cane Creek 40-Series Zero Stack
Eixo Pedaleiro: 83mm
Cubo Traseiro: 150x12mm

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The 2014 Wilson is a competition killer, built to rip with advanced Split-Pivot frame tech and available in ultrafast carbon and aluminum builds. DGR downhiller Steve Smith—familiar with both the bike and the World Cup podium—says, “The Wilson you buy from Devinci is the one I’m riding. It’s the angles I like and exactly how I’m riding it on the international stage. Devinci has built a wicked fast bike.” That wickedness stems from Devinci’s state-of-the-art research and testing platforms, where DH frames are precision tuned for stiffness, hair-trigger acceleration, and deft cornering control. Combined with Dave Weagle’s race-winning Split Pivot suspension, the Wilson is as at home on the circuit as it is savoring bike park shuttles, launching massive air, and annihilating single-track like a boss. The 2014 Wilson. Hit the gas and hang on for hypersonic.

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