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Eixo Traseiro SYNTACE 157x12mm Maximizar

Eixo Traseiro SYNTACE 157x12mm

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Material: Alumínio 7000

Compatível com o modelo: TR11

Medida: 157x12mm

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The challenge faced with through-axles is that the axle must be clamped axially as well as radially in the dropouts in order to achieve a high rigidity. But clamping axially and radially so far, also meant having to tighten several screws. We solve this problem by using a taper which allows play-free clamping in both axial and radial directions even though the axle is only tightened axially.
A further big problem with conventional through-axles is the missing stop and a guide for the rear axle which would enable a much simpler positioning of the rear wheel with respect to the dropouts. To guarantee a really simple mounting of the rear wheel dropouts with axle guides are required or else the rear axle has no defined positioning.